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About Us

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  • Alicia Szyszczak
  • Owner Since 1990
  • Licensed Since 1990
  • Bonded Since 1990
  • College Professor prior to Ownership
  • Masters in Mathematics
  • Numerous Psychology courses completed

With the pressures of modern day society, people often look for assistance with their homes, children and/or elderly parents.  Choosing a trustworthy and caring person to do such jobs is one of the most important decisions you can make.  Globe nanny Domestic Personnel Agency will help in making such a decision and you will not have to spend hours interviewing candidates.

The owner of the agency takes pride in services that GLOBE Nanny Domestic Personnel Agency provides.  She personally takes an active part in the screening process.  Her expertise in interpersonal relations and communication comes from eighteen years of collegiate teaching experience.  During that time she dealt with not only the students but their parents as well, so she is not limited to just the student population.  She has taken numerous psychology courses on her way to achieve the Masters of Education.  Her undergraduate degree is in Mathematics from a five year university.  So as you can see, she is a well educated individual, quite competent to make decisions that could change your life (such as picking out the best qualified and trustworthy prospective employees).