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Screening Process

Here is the lengthy process the GLOBE Nanny domestic Agency engages in to suit your needs.

1. Initial Interview
During the initial interview, the client is assessed on basis of the first impression. It is important to see the changes, if any that occur during the whole process.

2. Application Submission
After the first impression session, the applicant fills out an application and reads the contracts provided by the agency.

3. Credibility Check
Based on the previously filled out application, the Personal of the GLOBE Nanny Domestic Personnel Agency checks:employment record--either two or more jobs or five years back driving record criminal record education level special qualities--CPR trained, certified nurse, etc.

4. Official Interview
After a successful third step, the applicant is granted an official interview.  The owner is always present during this interview in order to use the skills she possesses to evaluate the following characteristics: dispositions attitude personality traits.

5. Final Evaluation
Review of all information is conducted and only those who did extremely well are considered for the job.  The
standards are set high even if it means ending up with one or two candidates.

6. To Be or NOT to Be
Now it is out of the agency's hands.  It is your turn to pick, according to your personal standards the best, the most suited, the most trustworthy applicant out of the top few that GLOBE Nanny Domestic Personal Agency provided.

NOTE: If there should be a request to train someone that you would like to hire or you would like to have some tests run (medical examination or drug examination) the agency will gladly cooperate; any special requests are welcome.

But that's not where this agency's services end.  In fact, the GLOBE Nanny Domestic Personal Agency is so confident about its services that it provides a free replacement within the first six months of the hire date, should any problems arise.  So far no one has petitioned for a replacement, all parties involved are happy with the services provided by the agency.  In addition, upon request, the GLOBE Nanny Domestic Personal Agency will provide you with a list of people who have used its services.  Of course these are only those who consented to have their name and phone number given as a reference.