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Globe Nanny Domestic Personnel Agency

Call:   214-350-1175      or     email:   GlobeNanny@hotmail.com

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Personnel Agency

  • Licensed LC by the State of Texas Since 1990
  • Bonded

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Alicja Szyszczak (pronounced SHISH-chak), owner of Globe Nanny Domestic Personnel Agency says that she personally takes an active part in the selection process of her service.  Her expertise in interpersonal relations and communication comes from eighteen years of collegiate teaching experience. During that time she has dealt with not only the students but their parents as well, so she is not limited to just the student population.

Ms. Szyszczak said that her agency's screening process includes an initial interview, application submission, credibility check, official interview, and final evaluation.  During the credibility check, employment record, driving records, criminal record, education level, and special qualities (such as CPR trained, Certified Nurses training, etc.) are checked.

Ms. Szyszczak said that for a fee her agency will also train and/or screen a prospective Nanny that parents have found through other means (such as through the newspaper).

Owner Alicia Szyszczak

Chefs, Houseman, House Mgr., Bartenders, Personal Asst., Driver